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At Cerrado we recognize that good governance practices are key to the success of our business and to gaining and securing the trust of our multiple stakeholders, the communities in which we operate in.  We are committed to conducting business and affairs with principles of honesty, integrity and ethics, always in accordance with the laws of our operating jurisdictions and the rules of the applicable regulatory bodies.


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Commitment to Safety
Everyone at our properties, is part of an organization-wide goal of continuous improvement towards a zero-harm workplace.

Commitment to local hiring and buying
We build the skills and capacity of host country workers and vendors, to multiply our positive impact on local, regional and national economies.

Commitment to empower local communities
We support social and economic opportunities to help host communities shape and deliver sustainable development on the ground.

Commitment to the environment

Every site is expected to minimize energy and water use, manage waste and land safely and be a responsible steward of its natural environment.

Commitment to the future
We rehabilitate our properties as we go and we invest in economic and environmental projects that can be sustained beyond the life of a mine.

Engagement and Outreach

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